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Why is 2 Chainz a rapper, please? “I’m in the kitchen, yams everywhere”. Reeaally?


I’m great at flirting if I’m not interested in u at all

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Someone just told me that they’ve been motivated to do stuff since they met me. Feeling so warm inside right now :3

I’m having a fatty day. Fuck it. Digestive biscuits, crisps, battenberg cake, a mars bar and ice cream for me plz. Fanx.



visual representation of putting your trust in someone

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The lyrics to Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I wanna know?” <3

I just went for a walk with the friend from university that I met last week and his super cute dog. We went for a walk around the lake which is only about a 20 minute drive from my house. The weather was great, and it was nice to just take a stroll for a couple of hours with a guy who doesn’t want my V. I’ve generally got on better with guys than girls all my life, but now I’m getting to the stage where I feel like I cant be friends with them without them wanting more. Sad.

Winner winner chicken dinner

definitely have a place at the commercial law event in London next month! I’ll be mingling with the big dogs like Slaughter & May. This could increase my chances of getting a vacation scheme, and then getting a training contract, and then getting a job and achieving my dream <3 <3 <3